This is the essay for the 40th lesson in the Autobiographies course from the Ronpaul curriculum. In this blog post, I will be covering the question of what the most important thing in writing dialogue from memory?

Writing dialogue from the memory is a whole different ballpark than writing something that has just happened. Writing from memory has one thing that is very important and more important than anything else. This thing is accuracy. Accuracy while writing in the present is also very important, but it is less important.

The reason that accuracy is more important while writing from memory is that over time memories become less and less accurate and if you just write them down there could be some things that are a little bit wrong or just completely false. Dialogues even though they are very important to everyday life, certain discussions can easily be forgotten if they aren’t memorable. Due to these factors, it is very crucial to make sure that the dialogues are accurate to what actually was said.

Another important factor is that dialogue is what gives people in their personality in a story. This how you convey their wants. A person’s want through dialogue shapes their personality in the mind of the reader. If you get these dialogues wrong, then their wants, personality, and actions, will make it seem strange to the reader. Very many people wouldn’t like being portrayed wrong in their personality and actions in a book.

Of course, writing dialogues from memory isn’t all about accuracy, it is also important for the dialogues to be easy to read and lively, so the speaker doesn’t seem like a robot. There is a very big difference between these two things and accuracy though. Accuracy changes the whole story completely if the dialogues are false. Changing the stories message in a way like this can also make the reader confused about the story itself. The liveliness and easiness to read only make the reading experience for the reader less enjoyable, but it doesn’t change the message of the story in any way. To say it in a few words, it is better for a story to be unreadable, but true that a story to be easy to read, but false.

In summary, to make it short, writing dialogues have a different goal than writing a dialogue that just happened. The accuracy of dialogue from memory is more important than any other aspect because it can change the message of the story completely. This is because of somebody’s dialogues reveals to the reader their personality. Dialogues are easier to forget than most other things that happen in everyday life, even though they are very important. Make sure that when you’re writing dialogue from memory to not leave everything else out. They are also very important, just not as much.