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Economics of Entrepreneurship module 2

Today completed module 2 of the Foundation of Economic Education (fee.org’s) course in on the Economics of Entrepreneurship: “What is the Entrepreneur’s Role in Creating Value?” https://credly.com/sharedembed/14144425 https://www.credential.net/embed/18qhpuuj You can find the course here: https://courses.fee.org/

Lessons for the young economist chapters 5-9 summary

Chapter 5: Things you learn in this chapter are, Why you need institutions in society, but not in the Robinson Crusoe scenario to deal with scarcity. The difference is that  in society you cant take something from someone to achieve… Continue Reading →

What happens during the three stages of price inflation?

What I explain in this blog post is also answered in Richard Maybury’s book on inflation. (and more!) Link: The Money Mystery There are thee stages of price inflation. we’ll start with the first one In the first stage of price inflation, this… Continue Reading →

Entrepreneurship course -fee.org

  Today I completed the module 1 of the entrepreneurship course on fee.org. I gave them the following testimonial: The course structure is clear and the course material easy to understand. I learned how entrepreneurs find business opportunities and the… Continue Reading →

Lessons for the young economist chapters 1-4 summary

Chapter 1: Economics is study of a lot of things etc: money, exchanges and what to do in certain real life situations. Thinking like an economist  is important in life, because you can understand a lot more in the world… Continue Reading →

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