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Month September 2015

Week Six: Review

Ancient Egyptians believed in gods because they thought gods and goddesses were important.These are the some of the gods and goddesses that the Ancient Egyptians believed in: Seth, Isis, Osiris, Ra, Amun, and Nephthys. Gods and goddesses were important to… Continue Reading →

Scratch project 6


Week 5 review: Egyptian chronology.

Thutmose the 3rd lived in the 18th dynasty and was the 6th pharaoh. He made the largest army Egypt has ever had. He conquered a lot of lands, including parts of Nubia and Syria. He reigned fifty-five  years in total…. Continue Reading →

Scrartch project 5


Scratch project 4


Nazca culture

I chose the Nazca because they built those awesome big drawings.The Nazca lived in South America. They lived in modern day Peru. They lived on mountains,in the jungle, and in the fields.

Scratch project 3


Scratch project 2


Scratch project 1

This is my first project of the Game Development for Children course at Udemy https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/75287914/

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