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RPC Week 1: Ancient Greece

This is the essay for the 1st week of the 7th Grade Ron Paul Curriculum. It’s about Ancient Greece.   Ancient Greece:   The first Greeks were the Myceneans and Minoans. The Myceneans lived on the rocky Greek mainland, while… Continue Reading →

How the Roman empire affects you today?

Ever wonder how history affects us today? I will tell you one part of history and how it affects you today. Particularly the part about the Roman empire. The things I shall teach you about the Roman empire, that affect… Continue Reading →

Why did World War 1 happen?

Why did World War 1 happen? This is the question addressed in Richard Maybury’s book on World War 1. Link: World War I. The rest of the story and how it affects you today Firstly, the belief in deadly ideas… Continue Reading →

Whatever Happened To Justice?

Common law is better than political law. Common law is better than political law, because it meets requirements. First it’s based on logic and fact. Second all men are created equal no special priviliges. Third it’s hesitant in using force…. Continue Reading →

Rise and Fall of different ancient civilisations

The Acheamenid Empire also called the first Persian empire. It was founded by Cyrus II of Persia also know as Cyrus the Great in 550 BC. He conquered Medes in 550 BC. Then in 546 BC he conquered a part… Continue Reading →

6th Grade History Summary

This year’s history class started with a world tour and ended with a world tour. The civilization we started with was Ancient Egypt, and we finished with the fall of the Western Roman Empire. The main three civilizations we learned… Continue Reading →

Fall of The Western Roman Empire

The Western Roman Empire fell during 476 AD because bad emperors caused the empire more problems than it already had, like wasting money on statues and games. The last emperor of Rome was Romulus Augustulus, which is also the name… Continue Reading →

Hadrian and Augustus Caesar

Augustus was born in 63 BC in Rome His great-uncle was Julius Caesar who got assassinated in 44 AD. He was the very first emperor of Rome. Before he became emperor he formed the second triumverant which included himself, Lepidus and… Continue Reading →

Weekly Review: Roman Games

The Roman games were held in Rome.Romans built the Colosseum and Circus Maximus.In the Colosseum were the afternoon games and the morning games. In the morning games they used animals. Then in the afternoon games were gladiator fights. In the… Continue Reading →

The Peloponnesian Wars

The Peloponnesian Wars came after the Persian Wars when Athens was in its golden age. It started by Athens taking over Megara, Sparta’s ally. Sparta got upset and started the First Peloponnesian War. At the end of the war Athens… Continue Reading →

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