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Month March 2017

What happens during the three stages of price inflation?

What I explain in this blog post is also answered in Richard Maybury’s book on inflation. (and more!) Link: The Money Mystery There are thee stages of price inflation. we’ll start with the first one In the first stage of price inflation, this… Continue Reading →

Why did World War 1 happen?

Why did World War 1 happen? This is the question addressed in Richard Maybury’s book on World War 1. Link: World War I. The rest of the story and how it affects you today Firstly, the belief in deadly ideas… Continue Reading →

Dood in het zwembad van Woestijn Bloem

“Mam ik ga weg!” zeg ik tegen mijn mama. “Oke! Doe het goed” zegt mijn mama terug. “Ik ga naar de Woestijn Bloem om de dagelijkse schoonmaak te doen. Ik ben al een jaar de schoonmaker van het zwembad in… Continue Reading →

Entrepreneurship course -fee.org

  Today I completed the module 1 of the entrepreneurship course on fee.org. I gave them the following testimonial: The course structure is clear and the course material easy to understand. I learned how entrepreneurs find business opportunities and the… Continue Reading →

The Candymakers: Book summary

The most important things you should know about The Candymakers. The main characters are: Logan, the candymaker’s son, Daisy, a very well trained spy, Philip, a boy with a musical talent and Miles, a boy who can talk backwards. They… Continue Reading →

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