The most important things you should know about The Candymakers.

The main characters are: Logan, the candymaker’s son, Daisy, a very well trained spy, Philip, a boy with a musical talent and Miles, a boy who can talk backwards. They are participating in a candy making contest.

In the beginning of The Candymakers: The four contestants meet each other. They don’t get along very well at first. They explore the factory, to name a few, the cocoa room, taffy room, marshmallow room, neon lightning chew room, and the tropical room. They find out someone is trying to steal the secret ingredient, for Philip’s dad.

The end is really interesting, because someone is trying to buy out the factory. The only way it won’t happen is for Philip to win the candy making contest. Everyone reveals their secrets. Afterwards the secret ingredient almost got stolen by Daisy and Philip. The Harmonicandy, which Philip made, wins the contest, which means the factory is saved!

Now you know the most important things you should know about The Candymakers, which are: the main characters, what happens in the beginning of The Candymakers and why the ending is really interesting.

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