I finished this Python programming course six days ago. The name of the course is , Complete Python Masterclass. I finished 9-15 sections and 110 out of the 194 lessons.

In the course you learn about, the print statement and other basic things. You also learn more complex things, like program flow control, list, ranges, tuples, what binary, octal and hexadecimal are. There are even more things that you learn about, which are dictionaries, sets, inputoutput, modulesfunctions and other things I haven’t learnt yet.

The name of the instructor is Tim Buchalka and the co-instructor is Jean-Paul Roberts.

I like the course, because it teaches a lot things. The only complaint is that sometimes he explains things too quickly and that there aren’t that much challenges. The course does have quite a few challenges, but maybe a few more would be better.

I stopped the course at the end of section 11, because there weren’t that many challenges to do. That’s why I moved to Codeacademy’s course on Python, because it has a lot of challenges, but on the other hand it doesn’t explain concepts very well. Perhaps I’ll turn back to the course by Tim Buchalka afterwards.