Want something fun to do while you’re in Zell am See or in the surrounding area with kids? Go to Schmidolin’s Baptism of Fire! The kids do the challenges, while you hike with them. This way hiking won’t get boring for the kids, because they do the challenges. How do i know the kids won’t get bored, because i did it myself!


After you have parked you go to the Ski lift you can take up there. You buy the tickets downstairs and to get to the Cityxpress ski lift you go up the stairs and go right.

While you’re in the ski lift you can look at the nice green mountains and trees. When you’re on the mountain you have to follow the orange signs to get to the area.

Before you start following the orange signs you should get a adventure pass for your child. This adventure pass is useful, because they can fill in the answers to the questions and at the end they can trade it in for a certificate. You can put the map of Schmidolin’s Baptism of Fire or the adventure pass on the orange cord. You can get a orange cord at the ticket desk or at the table where you can get the adventure pass.

Now you are ready to up the mountain! The walk to start the journey takes a while, but you can spend the time looking at nice red, purple and yellow flowers. When you see short zip line there is a set of recommendations at the opposite end.


These recommendations  are:

That children 6 years and higher should take part, because some stations might be too difficult for the younger children.

The stations are made that children 6 years and higher are able to do the stations by themselves. Nevertheless, kids can’t follow the trail without adult supervision.

That you wear sturdy shoes, because some of the stations are off the gravel path.

Not to bring prams or pushchairs with you, because some parts of  the trail are not suitable for them

That you read the signs before doing the stations, because they give information on how to do the station.

To not leave rubbish lying around the place.You can put it in a trash can when you’re back in Zell am See.

These are the official rules, but i have a slightly different opinion.


This is my opinion:

In my opinion children older than 10 should not come along, because it will most likely be pretty easy for them. I wouldn’t it even call it challenging. The only stations that are hard on the trail was The Firewire and Schmidolin’s Smithy. I’m not saying it would be boring, but it wouldn’t give them the full experience, since the stations might not be challenging.

Wearing sturdy shoes is in my opinion not really needed. I weared sandals and i was completely fine. The only problem might be that when you’re going down a hill you might slide and fall.

Reading the signs is also not really needed, because you can see what you have to do by looking at the station. The sign does give information for the story and has a question on it.


Important notes:

Adults are not aloud to do the stations unless, it says on the signs or you are helping your child. Adults can also do the zip line at the beginning.

You can take the Cityxpress ski lift to Schmidolin’s Baptism of Fire.

Halfway through the stations there is a place you can eat called Schmidolin’s Rast.

Next to Schmidolin’s Rast if you go down the mountain there is a toilet in the blue container.

You can only go to Schmidolin’s Baptism of Fire in the summer.