This is the essay for the 6th week of the 7th Grade Ron Paul Curriculum. It’s about Charles Martel.

Charles Martel

I shall be looking at Charles Martel’s life and accomplishments. From his birth to his death.

Charles Martel was the son of Pepin. Pepin was the mayor of the palace. After Clovis the first the Merovingian kings became lazy. The mayor of the palace was the one who declared war, led armies, raised money by taxing the people or carrying out fundraisers. Most importantly they decided government decisions.

When Charles Martel’s father died in 714, his mother tried to claim the position and imprisoning Charles Martel to do so. Later Charles Martel escaped from prison and gained support from the nobles.

He gained enough popularity that he was called to be an army’s leader, to defeat the Neustrians. This position of an army’s leader is often given to the mayor of the palace. This is the only battle Charles Martel lost in his whole career. He led a magnificent battle, but had to retreat, because he realized that the army was too small to win. He beat the Neustrians at the Battle of Ambleve shortly after his first battle, the Battle of Cologne. Charles Martel won the Battle of Ambleve using his three well-known tactics. Which are: Appearing where the enemy least expected, attacking when the enemy least expected and attacking how the enemy least expected. These tactics would become Charles Martel’s trademarks.

After the Battle of Ambleve Charles Martel claimed the title of Mayor of the palace. Charles Martel won many victories between 718-728. Conquering Southern-Germany in the process. In 732 the Muslims, who conquered the Iberian peninsula earlier, wanted to conquer France as well. Charles Martel didn’t allow this and in the Battle of Tours, he won a seven-day battle against the Muslims. This battle saved Europe from Muslim conquest. The Hammering of the Muslims in this battle gave Charles the nickname Charles Martel.

When the current king of France died in 737 AD, Charles Martel didn’t appoint a new king. So France was without a king for four years. In 741 AD Charles Martel died and his son Pepin the short, became King of France, instead of Mayor of the palace. His brother Carloman became a monk.