This is the essay for the 25th week of the 7th Grade Ron Paul Curriculum. It’s about Elizabeth I of England.

Elizabeth I of England


Elizabeth was born in 1533. Elizabeth was the daughter of Henry VII second wife Anne Boleyn, but since her mother was executed at a young age she was raised by governesses.  She had a good education, which caused her to have a gentle, calm spirit.

But before we can tell the story of Elizabeth we need to quickly tell you about Mary.

Mary was the daughter of Henry’s first wife,  Catherine of Aragon. Mary became queen after Lady Jane who she executed after only 9 days. Because Elizabeth was a Protestant and Mary was a staunch Catholic, she put Elizabeth on house arrest for 4 years until Mary died in 1558. After Mary’s death, Elizabeth became queen. Elizabeth became queen in 1559 and was crowned at Westminster Abbey. Since Elizabeth was Protestant she reversed all of Mary’s work to make England Catholic.

In 1585 King Philip of Spain went to war with Queen Elizabeth of England, although the war was never formally declared. Spain declared a war against the English because King Philip used to be the wife of Mary and he thought he should get some consideration to the crown. Which he was not given. King Philip at least to be the wife of Elizabeth wich Elizabeth refused. But there was also another reason. English ships were attacking and pillaging Spanish ships and colonies. The war lasted several years, with victories from the Spanish and English. The war didn’t accomplish much during the time it lasted, but it did give the English naval superiority over the Spanish and they held this for a long time.

Queen Elizabeth was sometimes called the “Virgin Queen”. She was called this, because she never married anyone, although Elizabeth had a lot of tutors. Elizabeth’s reign was mostly peaceful and great stability while other countries around England were in chaos. This started to fade away during the end of her reign. During the end of her ,reign several of her best friends died this made her depressed. She died of blood poisoning in March of 1603 and was buried in Westminster Abbey.