This is a Review of the book Finish What You Start. It was made by Peter Hollins. He also made the book How To Accelerate Your Learning. I have a link to it right HERE.

The book has 8 Chapters in it. These are the names in order. Some of them are a little bit self-explanatory but I will tell you the main point in each Chapter.

Stop Thinking, Just Execute
If you Follow-Through on something you can change from somewhere where you don’t want to be to a place where you want to be in. Following-Through is composed of four parts You can think of like a body. The head, the spine, the feet and hands and the heart. These all correspond to the four parts of following through. The head is focus, the spine is self-discipline, the feet and hands are action and the heart is focus.

But it isn’t this easy to do this, you stop yourself from following through. These things can be put into two categories. In Inhibiting Tactics and Psychological Roadblocks. Inhibiting Tactics is when we unconsciously plan against ourselves. By setting bad goals, procrastinating, indulging in temptations and distractions and lastly poor time management. Psychological Roadblocks is when we unconsciously “protect” our selves from following through. This includes laziness and lack of discipline, fear of judgment, rejection and failure, perfectionism out of insecurity and lack of self-awareness.

Staying Hungry

In this chapter,  it shows you how we stay motivated on our projects so you know what motivates you. You can find out which motivators work with which projects and such.

Create A Manifesto

Create A manifesto which is basically a set of rules you need to follow. In the chapter, it tells you which rules can help you increase your rate of following through. Some people don’t like following rules, but they help you because they take the guesswork out of your day and all that is left is a straight path to following through.

Follow-Through Mindsets

Since Following-Through is 100% mental it will matter which kind of mindset you have. In the chapter, it tells you about the two types of mindsets and which one helps you follow-through. It tells you how to identify both and how to switch mindsets.

The Science of Smashing Procrastination

You can never fully get rid of Procrastination, it always comes back in one form or another. The reason Procrastination we have two selves one wants immediate rewards while the other one wants long-term success. When these two selves fight with each other you get procrastination. In the Chapter, it explains several ways to deal with Procrastination.

No Distraction Zone

It is important not to have any distractions near you because otherwise, these distractions will you know distract you from your work. One way to deal with these distractions is to clean your workplace. If your distractions are out of sight or very far away you will need extra effort to get distracted, while if they are right on your desk it is easy to get distracted. This gives a new meaning to the phrase out of sight out of mind. In the chapter, it tells you several other ways to deal with distractions.

Deadly Pitfalls

These are things that can hamper your success really bad. It is crucial that you know these things. One of them is the False Hope Syndrome. It is when you promise, your client, the moon. You set too high expectations and expect that this will change everything in your life. Then when you fail miserably to reach your goals you are devastated. Avoid this and set reasonable goals. In the chapter, it tells you several other crucial pitfalls.

Daily Systems for Success

Make a system for success. Systems are better than just setting goals because they are long-term accomplishments while goals is a one-off thing. A system, for example, is a time management schedule this way you know when to work and when to relax. You know how long everything will take. Some other systems are explained in the chapter.


Overall my opinion on the book is that, if you’re procrastinating and can’t reach your goals, read this book it will help you get successful. I implemented some of the rules in the book and I am much better. You can buy the book from Amazon from this link HERE.