In the podcast, Pat Flynn was talking with the host, Tom Woods, about his book called the same thing “How to get better at (almost) everything“. In the podcast, he explained what are some benefits of being a generalist and some of the skills that you should learn.

A generalist is somebody who is pretty good at several things. Most people get really good and specialize in one specific thing. This is not necessarily a bad thing but think of being a generalist as having other alternatives. If you get fired at your job, you can get another job with all the other skill you have. Or if you don’t like your current job then you don’t have to be stuck with it and you can instead get another job. This way you can also get experience in different fields and find something that you like. Then you can start specializing in the thing you like doing.

Another thing they discussed in the podcast is meta-skills. These skills are skills you might not want to have, but you will need them. These skills will be useful to you no matter what job you’re in. With these skills, you will never be broke. Some of these skills are a basic understanding of math, good writing, some skill in marketing and copywriting.

If you want to read the book yourself then click this link.