I will be making a blog post on another Tom woods episode. This time it will be on episode 1386 “Down With the Green New Deal, Says Former Greenpeace Director Patrick Moore”. The guest this time with is a former Greenpeace director Patrick Moore. This episode focuses on how eliminating all fossil fuels would cause major problems and how fossil fuels can be preserved and what other alternatives could be used to it.

If fossil fuels were immediately removed from all of the planet earth then billions of people would die. Why? Because these fossil fuels provide fuel to crucial food making machineries, like tractors and other farm machines. Without these, a lot less food would be produced and a lot of people would die. Since a lot of fuel wouldn’t be allowed to use people would start chopping trees for fuel. So this would actually hurt nature instead of making it better. When environmentalists say that we should restrict the use of fossil fuels, to “save the planet”. Also as a side note, the average lifespan would decrease to only 35 years.

If you’re still worried about fossil fuels running out then, there are better methods of preserving it than using it less. Batteries and nuclear energy can help with this. The most fossil fuel consuming activity is transportation. What could be done is that bigger modes of transportation, like airplanes, trains, buses, trucks, etc would still use fossil fuels, but smaller cars would use batteries instead. This would save a lot of fuel without damaging the world too much. Now, what about nuclear energy? Well, ships can be powered by nuclear energy. What would happen is that inside large cargo ships and such there would be a nuclear generator. Yep, you heard me right a floating, moving nuclear generator.

I know what you’re thinking. “But isn’t nuclear energy also a fossil fuel, eventually we will run out of uranium atoms?” What I will explain next, might sound a little complicated, but I’m not a nuclear energy scientist. Just take everything a say about this with a grain of salt. Nuclear energy is created by splitting up uranium atoms, which is called fission. While this is going on the uranium that is being burnt, which is uranium 235. This uranium creates plutonium 239, which comes from uranium 238. The plutonium 239 is stored and can later be used as fuel to burn the uranium 235, which creates more plutonium 239. So, no if we use this method we will have nuclear energy available for centuries to come.

This is explained much better in the podcast itself so if you want to know more go to this link: https://tomwoods.com/ep-1386-down-with-the-green-new-deal-says-former-greenpeace-director-patrick-moore/