This is the essay for lessons 101-105 in the Autobiographies course from the Ronpaul curriculum. In this blog post, I will be telling you: What I would do differently in my autobiography from what Darwin did.

In this blog post, I’m going to take a look at Charles Darwin’s autobiography and what I would do differently. The things that I would do differently are things that would make my autobiography better. The way I know which things can be improved is by looking at a few key points that make autobiographies good and seeing how well Darwin followed these points.

The first key point is that an autobiography will show at what time an autobiography was written in. This consists of people’s thoughts, problems, solutions to problems and how people lived. Darwin talked a little bit about his problems, his thoughts, solutions and a little bit about how people lived. He gave a little bit of information on everything, but not enough.

The second key point is how the person in the autobiography achieved something important. Regarding this Darwin told a bit about how he came up with the theory of natural selection. Also a little bit about how he became such an important person. However he doesn’t give the full picture or he gives only the full picture on some important things, but not on other things Once again he gives a little bit of information, but not enough.

The third key point is related to how Darwin communicated with the reader. Darwin’s writing was pretty good overall, it was easy to understand. He also keeps the parts that are important and leaves out unimportant details, but he didn’t do it for his works. With those, he couldn’t separate the bunch of ultimately unimportant works and the two works that changed the entire world. He gave very little information on his two important books and then he gave more or an equal amount of information for his unimportant works. His ability to create mental images for readers, clarify his arguments, generating sympathy from readers was quite good, but it wasn’t enough. He didn’t pull the reader into the narrative too much, he didn’t make the reader care about what happened too much, only about how he wrote his books. Same with changing the reader’s mind on certain topics and leaving a legacy. Again he did quite a bit for almost everything, but not enough.

The last key point is if Darwin provided a model autobiography that other people could use. Darwin gives an account of how he collected his facts day by day but doesn’t give info on how he retrieved those facts and he doesn’t talk about the broader context or the specific context. He gives info on some things, but none on others. Once again he did quite a bit, but not enough.

So what can I do to make my autobiography better than Darwin’s? For starters, Darwin only followed the points halfway through. I would try to follow the key points as closely as possible. Another important thing is that I’m going to follow all of the sub-points as well. I think that the most important sub-point is to only put what’s relevant for the reader in the autobiography. So I’m going to follow this sub-point extra closely.