This is the essay for the 7th week of the 7th Grade Ron Paul Curriculum. It’s about Canute the Great.

Canute the Great

I shall be looking at Canute the Great’s life and the accomplishments he made during his life.

Canute the Great was born in 990 AD. His Grandfather was the first Danish Prince to accept Christianity. His grandfather died when Canute was only two years old. Canute’s father, Sweyn Forkbeard died in 1014 AD. Canute’s older brother Harald became king.

While Harald was king of Denmark Canute decided to conquer England because he wouldn’t become king of Denmark for some while. He traveled to England with ships full of soldiers. When they landed in Wessex and headed north where they fought a 14-month long battle against the king of England Edmund Ironsides. Canute the Great besieged London and caused Edmund to flee out of London. Edmund’s army was split, one inside of London, one outside. Later in 1016, Edmund made a treaty with Canute and Canute gained Scotland. Only three weeks later Edmund died and Canute was crowned king of England in London.

Canute the Great married Emma of Normandy to strengthen his claim to the throne. Canute was scared of being overthrown so he executed or exiled anyone who had a claim to the English throne. Even Emma’s previous sons fled. His son Harthacnut was supposed to be his heir. His brother Harald died in 1018 and Canute went back to Denmark to claim his throne.

Canute the Great was now king of England, Denmark and most of Scandinavia. In 1027 Canute was granted the permission to see the coronation of Conrad II, becoming the Holy Roman emperor. Canute traveled to Rome to see the coronation and to get rid of his sins and pray for his people.

When Canute had conquered England he had bad terms with the church, because of his harsh invasion. Canute had accepted Christianity even before he became king. To become on good terms with the church Canute the Great rebuilt churches that had been destroyed during Viking raids. This caused him to be on good terms with the people and the church. Most people in England we’re ok with Canute being king, but a few Englishmen despised him.

After Canute came back from Rome he decided to conquer Norway and add it to his kingdom. He successfully conquered Norway and became king there, but later he was overthrown in Norway, because of his high taxes.

Canute the Great died in 1035 when he was 45 years old. Canute was buried in Winchester. His son Harthacnut, became king only to die seven years later in 1042. After that the land, he conquered returned to their previous rulers.

Canute the Great was a wise and successful ruler of his kingdoms. He brought a prosperous golden age to his kingdoms.