This is the essay for the 10th week of the 7th Grade Ron Paul Curriculum. It’s about a project I have been involved.

A project I have been involved in.


This blog post focuses on comparing my projects success and the Crusades success. My Project is making a book summary using the Four Square Method.

– What steps did you take to make sure that project or goal was completed successfully?

I create some of my book summaries using the Four Square Method. The Four Square Method is a good way to write things in an organized way, instead of just writing things that come to your head. In the beginning, there are only a few steps, but as you get better at creating Four Squares the number of steps increases. The point where  I am at there a quite a lot of steps. The steps I need to do are:



  • First, you read the book you want to do the Four Square on.



  • After you’ve read the book, take a paper and divide the paper in Four Squares and one rectangle, by drawing one rectangle in the middle and two lines beside it.



  • In the rectangle, you write the main topic of the Four Square.



  • In three of the four square’s you write a subtopic that supports the main topics idea. All the things that come after this are for the first, second and third squares. I will tell you if it’s about the fourth square.



  • After you write the subtopics then write three or more supporting details in each subtopic. The supporting details have to support its corresponding subtopic.



  • Next to the subtopic add a connecting word, which connects the subtopics together making the transition from one subtopic to the next easier.



  • Beneath the supporting details add vivid language to make the supporting detail more vivid.



  • In the first, second and third square, you add one elaboration.  A elaboration is either a Example, Experience or Evidence, that support the claim of the subtopic.



  • The last step I know is improving the main topic (AKA) the introductory paragraph. This step is not written on the Four Square paper. It is written when you make a blog post out of the book summary.
    This is how I do this step. You write a hook, eye-catcher or a lead before the main topic to catch the user’s attention. After that, you write the main topic. Then you write a preview of the subtopics. The last part of improving the introductory paragraph is writing a connection or reflection of you, the writer about the book you’re making the Four Square on. It could either be a personal feeling, a reflection, a thought-provoking statement or something else similar.



– Did these steps work well and lead to success?

The steps work and lead to success because I always finish the Four Square and make a blog post out of it. In some of my older book summaries, I use this method to make the blog post. The only problem is that the Four Square takes a long time to finish.


– Compare your success or failure with the crusaders and their successes and failures.

One difference is that I have way more successes than the crusaders. I have multiple successes a year, instead of being spread out through multiple decades like the crusaders successes. I haven’t had any failures, while more than half of the crusades were failures.