I recently read an Autobiography called “A Bus of My Own” for a Autobiographies course, I’m doing. The book was, written by Jim Lehrer. This is the best story I remembered from the book. The story I remember the best is the story that the heart attack improved Lehrer’s life in some cases. The one I’m talking about specifically, his diet. (Probably, because I made an essay on a similar subject before, but nevermind that.)

Before this heart attack, Lehrer ate, like he was a pimply-faced teenager. He ate only things he was things he liked to eat. Which isn’t always a bad thing, but it is if all of these things are very unhealthy. Lehrer had so much food he liked, that a whole list was made for it.

(Get ready!)The list included: Fritos, Cheez Wiz, chili, pepperoni pizza, Milky Ways, Butterfinger chips, chunky peanut butter, Dr Peppers, chocolate ice cream, butter brickle ice cream, real potato chips, cottage-fried potatoes, scrambled egg with melted cheese, green peppers and onions, chocolate milkshakes, corn dogs, chili dogs, biscuits with butter, waffles with hot maple syrup and butter, pancakes with hot maple syrup and butter, salt, fudge black coffee and pastrami sandwiches with mayonnaise. (Long right? Well, it’s not done yet.)There were also a lot of things with fries. These things included: bacon-lettuce-and-tomato sandwiches with fries, fried chicken with fries, barbeque ribs, beef and/or sausage with fries. (That’s all of it!)

None, off this food, carried over to the patient recovering from a heart attack diet. Lehrer didn’t like fruit, so he never ate them. He didn’t eat green vegetables either. He completely hated fish. Their look, taste, everything about them. The only food with fish in it that he ate was a tuna fish salad. The only reason he liked it though was that it was completely covered in mayonnaise. His new diet was this list.

(Yep, there’s another list!)Carrot and celery sticks with a nonfat yogurt dip. Melba toast. Vegetarian baked beans. Cute little cups of strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries. Apples. Glasses of orange juice. Decaf coffee. Water Cornbread. Green beans. Peas. Spinach casseroles. Caffeine-free diet soda pop. Unbuttered, unsalted popcorn. Toasted pita bread. Oatmeal.

On the long run though this diet change, probably helped his health. I don’t think anyone could live long with the diet he had before. This story grabbed me the most out of all of them because it was the first one to show a huge improvement in his life, that came from a bad thing like a heart attack. Specifically what Lehrer did to make it grab me was that the lists were explained in such great intricate detail. I didn’t completely remember this from my memory and that’s probably because the lists were so intricate and detailed. No normal person could remember all the list items from memory a few weeks after reading it, let alone right after.